Villa Milagro

School’s Out! What to Do With the Kids All Summer?

Wondering what to do with the kids this summer on your family vacation? Problem solved!

Bring them down to Villa Milagro where you’ll find unforgettable kid-oriented activities and attractions within minutes of the Villa on the stunning coast of Troncones, Mexico.

Watch your kids ignore their phones and tablets as they explore the incredible natural attractions just minutes from the Villa. 

Iguana Sanctuary: The Ultimate Reptilian Adventure

Big gnarly iguanas—who could resist? Kids are fascinated with these dinosaur-like creatures. Watch as iguanas of all sizes bask in the sun or dart through the green foliage. Sign up for the guided tour and discover what makes these remarkable reptiles the kings of their tropical domains. 

It’s both an adventure and an educational experience that you’ll be talking about for years to come.   

Majahua Cave Hike: Exploring Nature’s Mysteries

For adventurous souls, treat the kids (and yourself!) to a nearby wonder called Majahua Cave. It begins with a guided hike up the mountain through lush local jungle—an experience all in itself. 

At the end you’ll find Majahua Cave, known for its beautiful stalactites, stalagmites and flow stones. Keep an eye out for the intriguing wall carvings attributed to local natives many centuries ago. 

Turtle Sanctuary and Release: A Lesson in Conservation

At the nearby Turtle Sanctuary, your kids can witness one of nature’s most awesome events: the hatching of baby turtles and their exciting release as they race across the beach into the ocean. 

Learn about the life cycles of these magnificent sea creatures and the importance of protecting their fragile environments. It’s not only fun and interesting, (“Run, turtles, run!”) but your trip can be that invaluable, teachable moment about how each of us is responsible for the conservation of wildlife. 

Surf Classes: Learn to Hang Ten!

Troncones is a surfing paradise that attracts both beginners and pros from all over the world. Treat your kids to a surf class where they’ll learn everything from the basics of riding the waves safely and confidently, to advanced techniques that can take their enjoyment of the sport to new levels. 

Experienced local instructors teach both beginners and advanced, making way for both thrills and spills while building treasured surfing memories that you’ll cherish as a family for decades.   

Fishing: Hook ‘Em Good!

Grab your kids and introduce them to the joys of fishing. Troncones has plenty of fishing options for you, and almost all are open to kids. Your choices include both charters or shore fishing, and regardless of the time of year, the fish are biting! 

Seasoned fishermen will help your kids learn the fine art of baiting hooks, casting lines in the right places, and patiently awaiting the bite. 

Imagine all of you reeling in today’s catch while soaking in the spectacular ocean sights, the soaring seagulls and the soft ocean breezes. This is family fun at its very best. 

Horseback Riding on the Beach

Saddle up the kids and join one of the nearby horseback riding excursions along the sandy beaches, wind blowing in your hair, squeals and laughter guaranteed. The path winds through forested trails in lush jungles, filled with calls of song birds and marked by lush tropical foliage and striking jungle vistas. 

Whether it’s a brisk morning gallop through the waves or a leisurely ride at sunset to take in the sights, horseback riding is the perfect antidote to summertime boredom. You won’t want the day to end.  

Cooking Classes for All Ages

Did you know how much kids love to cook? We’ve certainly witnessed it at the Villa. Sign your child up for hands-on culinary classes and watch their interest and creativity bloom!

Experienced local chefs will introduce them to the most delicious traditional dishes, prepared with seasonal ingredients from local farms. Imagine your child learning the art of making tortillas, savory salsas and sweet treats. 

Kayaking: Paddle Fun & Adventure

Question: What’s better than kayaking along the breathtaking coastline of Troncones? 

Answer: Kayaking with your children!

If your family loves outdoor adventures, kayaking together through the calm waters around Troncones is just the ticket. The area is rich in secluded beaches and hidden coves inviting your discovery. The clear waters and diverse marine life will keep them engaged and excited, begging for more. 

Swimming & Boogie Boarding

It wouldn’t be the Villa without swimming, especially when you see our incredible infinity pool. Bring your kids but bring your swimsuits, too. Hours of splashing, swimming and diving fun await you and your family.

And once you’ve visited the pool, head on down to the beach for some ocean swimming and boogie boarding. Troncones’ waters are as tranquil or as surf-ready as you want, with endless opportunities for aquatic fun. 

Nature Walks: Discovering The Great Outdoors

Pull your child away from computer games and take them on a guided nature walk through nearby scenic trails and native jungles.